Im Soo Hyang reveals she goes on dates 'secretly'; does she have a boyfriend?

The South Korean actress Im Soo Hyang reveals details about her secret dating life, boyfriend and her ideal type of partner

Im Soo Hyang
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The South Korean actress from "Graceful Family," Im Soo Hyang recently revealed the secrets of her life, her career and dating life as well as marriage during an interview. The actress also mentioned that she is thankful that the fans appreciated and loved the MBN's drama and her character "Mo Seok Hee."

The 29-year-old actress said during the interview that she liked the character of "Mo Seok Hee," and the script of the drama "Graceful Family" which was noted for putting an emphasis on strong female personalities. The actress mentioned that there are very fewer dramas that had women as leading characters, "but more of them have recently surfaced. I think my previous works 'Lovers in Bloom' and 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' are like that."

After finishing the shooting of "Graceful Family" in Thailand, she spent time with her beloved dogs and watched American TV shows. Meanwhile, she had fallen sick but as per the actress she is "more fit to work." During the interview, Im Soo Hyang also revealed more details about the work-life and marriage as well as current dating life and said that "I think I'm more into working as of now."

Yes, she does love working as one of the most famous actresses in the Korean drama world, but being in the entertainment industry was hard sometimes. The 29-year-old actress stated, "Being an actor allows me to indirectly experience things that I've never been able to experience before," adding that "I'm satisfied with being able to experience different things."

Even though the work is her current priority but the Korean star revealed details about her dating life also and mentioned that she goes on dates. The celebrity added that "I don't have a boyfriend right now, but if I were to meet someone in the future, I would like for it to be a secret."

Im Soo Hyang also expressed what kind of people actually attracts her and said "I used to look at their appearances in the past, but now I'm into considerate people. I like someone who takes care of me. As I become older, I tend to look at their personalities, and I need to get good feelings from them. When they have things that make my heart flutter, I connect with them. I think dating is all about timing."

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