'My life is a living hell' opens up ex EXO member Tao after 6 years

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Ex EXO member Tao has recently opened up about his struggles and how he's been stressing out because of work pressure and other issues lately.

On January 25, Tao took to Weibo account saying, "I am working hard every day as is, and to be honest, I don't want to do anything at this very moment. I can't attend office meetings, can't go home, nor enjoy a nice vacation. I don't even know what day of the week it is anymore. I am bogged down by stress; it's suffocating."

He further said, "I've never presented such negative words to anyone like this, but seriously I wish I could just disappear for a while and not do anything. This is the first time I'm speaking up like this in 6 years. I'm sure many will tell me to just deal with it because I'm a celebrity after all. And because of that, I've been keeping patient/ quiet all this time, so I am writing this today. I just don't know why. I just felt like doing it. I don't want to do anything. It's so painful being unable to breathe."

He went on to say that his life is no different from hell; his life is not fun and happy and not something people should envy. He says his body and heart are being oppressed.

He ended his letter by apologizing for causing concern and also says, "I'm actually sorry for myself".

In response to that Tao's father have reposted the message on his own Weibo account and wrote, "You did well, my son".

Tao made his debut as a member of popular K-pop band under SM Entertainment in 2012. Tao rose to fame through the group and their activities.

Later Tao left the group and filed a contract nullification lawsuit against SM Entertainment to officially terminate him from the band.

Tao's representatives released a statement mentioning the lack of support from the company(SM Entertainment) in terms of injuries and other issues such as the discrimination between Korean and Chinese members, which was reported earlier.

Tao launched a solo career in China after leaving the group in 2015. He is currently promoting and working with his own Chinese agency, Z.TAO Studio.

When Tao withdrew himself from EXO, he faced lots of criticism and hate comments from earlier fans who turned into anti-fans.

Despite all these, some fans have remained true to Tao, and they are concerned about the mental and physical health of their idol.

His true fans expressed themselves on social media in response to Tao's message. Check out tweets:

This article was first published on January 27, 2018
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