Illegal Butt Lift Surgery Gone Horribly Wrong; Leads to the Death of Aspiring Adult Film Star

A mother-daughter duo from Los Angeles is under arrest for allegedly performing multiple illegal butt lift operations on a woman who died after the third.

A model named Karissa Rajpaul, 26, died last year after undergoing an illegal Brazilian butt lift surgery at her Encino home performed by Alicia Galaz and her mother Libby Adame.

Rajpaul had shared footage of one procedure to social media, police told NBC4. She was recording the clip for one of the unqualified surgeons known as "La Tia," who she tagged in the post.

Illegal Plastic Surgery Took a Horrible Turn

The mother-daughter duo presented themselves as specialists. They were advertising under the name "La Tia" and would travel to the patient's home with their equipment to perform BBL surgeries. They would charge anywhere between $3,500 to $4,500 per surgery for a procedure, costs for which amount to $15,000 when done at the hospital.

Rajpaul, who moved to LA from South Africa to try and work in the adult entertainment industry, received three separate procedures and passed away immediately after the third.

Karissa Rajpaul
Karissa Rajpaul had came to Los Angeles from South Africa, hoping to work in the adult film industry Twitter

Rajpaul Was Injected with Liquid Silicon

Rajpaul's cause of death is listed as homicide due to acute cardiopulmonary dysfunction and intramuscular/intravascular silicone injections.

The duo injected Rajpaul with substances used by qualified cosmetic physicians but combined them with dangerous chemicals, ABC7 reports.

"These individuals have no medical training," LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton told ABC7. They're not experienced and they're putting people's lives at risk."

Libby Adame and her daughter Alicia Gomez
Libby Adame and her daughter Alicia Gomez are charged with murder of Karissa Rajpaul who died after receiving an illegal BBL surgery from them Twitter

LAPD Tells Victims of Similar Crimes to Come Forward

The LAPD is worried there could be more victims and is encouraging women to come forward.

"As we looked into this investigation, we did find that it is occurring a lot," Bob Dinlocker, an LAPD detective, told NBC4. "The internet is filled with these horror stories where they're cutting the medical grade silicone with the stuff that you would caulk your windows with."

Social Media Reactions

Some people on social media are calling the surgery an utter madness. One Twitter user wrote, "South Africans in Los Angeles have been left devastated by the death of Karissa. We call on Authorities to end the death of women who are being scammed by bogus plastic surgeons." Another wrote, "These are human faces and not camera filters?!"

"I would never, ever get any cosmetic procedures done with people whose own procedures look so shocking," read one comment. "This should be a warning to vain people everywhere, all surgery comes at a cost, so stick to the necessary stuff and remember, vanity comes at a cost," shared another user.