Ilhoon Facing 4-Year Prison in Marijuna Case: Sexual Offenders Get Lesser Punishment than Smoking Weed, Netizens Slam

Netizens across the globe have slammed the Korean judiciary after the prosecution requested for four-year hail term apart from imposing a fine for former BTOB member Ilhoon for consuming marijuana. The judgment, in this case, will be announced on 10 June.

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The angry netizens took Twitter to register their unhappiness against the prosecution for requested for stricter punishment for smoking marijuana. Although they are not defending the rapper for breaking the law, people feel the punishment will be too harsh considering the lesser punishment given to the sexual offenders in South Korea.

Hence, they have come down heavily on the laws which are not giving importance to women's safety, while giving stricter punishment for drug-related crimes. For an instance, sexual offenders get a surprising level of lenience if there is a drunkness factor involved and lighter punishment will be given in such cases.

Prosecution's Request
On Thursday, 20 May, the prosecutors requested four years in prison along with 133 million won (approximately $117,400) in fines for the former BTOB member, in this case, reports Soompi.

The singer has already admitted to charges and apologised for his behaviour. "The defendant is bitterly regretting it. He suffered a great deal of stress while promoting in the entertainment industry as a songwriter and trainee from a young age, and he tried to relieve the stress in the wrong way," the singer's lawyer is quoted as saying.

The singer is said to have involved in the illegal purchase of the substance multiple times between 2016 and 2019. He was indicted for violating Narcotics Control Act in December 2020 after police confirmed about the same through testimonies from his accomplices.

Netizens' Reaction: