Ikuhiro Yamagata: The Japanese interior designer creating magic with his unique designs

Ikuhiro Yamagata

Designs can change the entire look and aesthetics of places and make or mar the appeal of your house or office or any other place. This is the reason people who are perfectionists select interior designers for their places after detailed research. Some interior designers are known for creating magic in spaces small or large with their designs. Japanese interior designer Ikuhiro Yamagata is one of them. He is known to set the standard to the next level with his unique designs that have a glance of his brilliance.

Yamagata is one of the prominent faces of the Japanese interior designing world. Most of his famous designs take clues with Japanese Zen philosophy and blend it with Scandinavian designs to create something that has never been seen before. To understand his designing technique which is called Japandi, it is important first to understand what is Zen Philosophy.

Zen philosophy expresses elegance in its true sense with a minimalist lifestyle. It stands on the principles of simplicity, enclosure, and completeness. It emphasizes the importance of nature in human life. The Zen-inspired designs incorporate spaces with lots of greenery as it symbolizes the connection with nature and also the open spaces welcoming natural lights which are supposed to infuse positive energy. Japanese designs have natural craftsmanship which is evident in their furniture and home décor designs.

Scandinavian designs too emphasize simplicity. Both Japanese and Scandinavian cultures are steeped in paying homage to ancient traditions and embracing minimalism into their day-to-day life. In Ikuhiro's words "When trying to take inspiration from the Japanese style of interior design, the foremost important thing is simplicity. Clean and simple lines, open and well-lit spaces, and natural elements can go a long way to serenely enhance the living space."

Japandi style is a blend of Scandinavian style and Zen philosophy. Japandi designers are inspired by the natural beauty of Nordic countries and traditional Japanese architecture which they combine with contemporary eastern elements to create a seamless blend of culture. Muted and neutral colors mixed with bright and light colors inspired by Scandinavian designs create a warm and relaxed environment. When adding nature or greenery, quality is more important than quantity in Japandi Style spaces.

Ikuhiro adds his designing sense and the most important thing is the client's input in such a way that the place exuberates the warmth and welcoming magic. He says " Client's inputs are at the top while designing the space. Designs are created after detailed and constructive discussions with clients. As a designer, I must ensure that the outcome meets the client's expectations or surpasses them."

Ikuhiro Yamagata is the man who has been the face of the Contemporary Japanese Interior designing industry. His designs are the best representation of minimalism, elegance, and warmth. Spaces designed by him stand out from the rest.