iKon's Bobby, Winner's Mino are jealous of each other? The duo staged first performance as MOBB.

MOBB is a South Korean hip-hop duo consisting of Winner's Mino and iKon's Bobby

Winner's Mino and iKon's Bobby are enjoying their recent collaboration as a single unit. The duo just released their four track album in September and has lots more stored for future.

The pair, who incepted their unit called MOBB, recently staged their first performance on SBS Inkigayo. The duo seemed exuberant over their performance and received some great reactions from the audience.

Bobby, whose real name is Kim Ji Won expressed: "We came out not as iKON or WINNER, but as a unit. I feel good that I was able to show a new side of me through music I wanted to do. Fans are supporting us a lot lately. We won't disappoint them. This is just the beginning. I hope people see us as not a one-time thing, but a long term project." Mino also urged fans to look up for them and their performances.

Meanwhile, the duo also shared some stances of their first impression of each other. During their interview with Soompi, Bobby shared: "I thought he was really talented, so, out of jealousy, I didn't like him. But after talking a lot, [we found out we] had a lot in common, and we quickly became close."

While Song Min Ho a.k.a Mino said: "One of my most memorable moments with Bobby is a day we were practicing. At night, we turned off the lights and rapped freestyle and danced with just the light from our phones. Bobby has gotten a lot cooler, both in his looks and just overall."

The duo is currently working on both single and unit's projects. Both of their respective single, Hoolup and Body, were recently released.