Idaho Man Lands In Soup After Cooking Chicken At Hot Spring in Yellowstone National Park

The man and his two associates were .found attempting to cook two full chickens in a hot spring at the park

A man from Idaho Falls and two of his associates took the 'hot' in hot springs two a who new level by cooking chickens in one at the thermal region of the Yellowstone National Park. All three individuals now stand banned from entering Yellowstone following their culinary stunt.

The three individuals were found by a park ranger while attempting to whip up a meal for themselves at the park. The ranger found two chicken 'cooking' inside a hot spring and a cooking pot close by. Along with fines, the men have been placed under probation as well.

Landing in a Soup

On 7 August, a ranger was notified that a group of people was hiking their way to Shoshone Geyser Basin in possession of cooking pots, said a park spokesperson told the East Idaho News. When the ranger arrived at the spot, two full chickens in a burlap sack that were submerged inside a spring, and a cooking pot was found nearby.

Grand Prismatic Spring
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park (Representational Picture) PxHere

The ranger communicated with the hiking party of ten, which also included a child. Following this, the Idaho man and his two associates received citations for traveling on foot in the thermal. He was also asked to appear before a court in Mammoth Hot Springs court.

A Meal Costs A Steep Price

When asked during his court appearance on Thursday about what he was doing in the Yellowstone backcountry, the Idaho Falls man said, "Make dinner." Also, when enquired about whose it was to cook at the spring, he said, "It was kind of a joint thing," according to AP News. He already pleaded guilty to the citation on 10 September, along with two other charges of violating closures and use limits.

A fine of $600 has been slapped against the man on each of the two charges. In addition to that, he is set to serve two years of unsupervised probation. His associates have also been ordered to pay fines and have also been placed under unsupervised probation for two years. All three men are banned from Yellowstone for the duration of their probation.