ICON. AMSTERDAM: One of the increasingly mounting fashion brands that promote individuality.


ICON. AMSTERDAM, launched in December 2017, is a Netherlands-based clothing brand. With a motto of bringing streetwear and art together, the brand has established its place in the streetwear community. The brand endorses a collection that includes gym wears, trousers, lowers, track pants, jeans and shorts. The brand is and has been, in the past, very selective about the availability of their clothing items. This ensures brand exclusiveness and value. The brand is famous for its comfort fit, stretchy and freshly designed fabric in all its collection.

ICON. AMSTERDAM aims to offer the perfect combination of comfort, strength and flexibility in the clothing items available in their collection. If you are one of those fitness freaks who doesn't like to skip leg days, then this brand has got the perfect gym wear for you!

The lowers available right now in the market generally wear off while doing some high endurance training that pressurizes the fabric. While the sportswear is generally uncomfortable to wear too along with minor wardrobe malfunctioning. But you don't have to worry about those things now! Because all these are taken into grave consideration while designing the ICON. AMSTERDAM collections.

The brand has also taken in mind the increasing fashion obsession in recent times, with many more new designs that you can add to your wardrobe collection! Throughout the world people have lately become more and more stylish with whatever they tend to wear. ICON. AMSTERDAM has successfully made it possible for people to find stylish wear that complements their individuality. The brands retailing has skyrocketed since its launch and many more orders are certainly built from different countries too.

The creation of the brand could be credited to the revolution in the business industries including the fashion and apparel industry, where young thinkers have made a successful attempt to build a society of alike minds. They come together as one to goal for milestones every day. With new generations and new ideas, the fashion and apparel industries are thriving. A few decades back people become conscious about what they wear and if it's suiting them or not. But with an ever-so-changing world, people now have demands that concern comfort and flexibility along with style. ICON. AMSTERDAM was created just to fulfil these demands.

The unavailability of stretchy, flexible and tight fitted pants in Netherlands was the motivation behind starting the brand.Uniqueness and style along with comfort keeps the craze for the brand clothing as they wouldn't be easily available anywhere. This has in a way led to the increased advertising for the brand.