ICICB Chairman Lays Out Their Plans to Help Further the Advancement of Digital Banking and Foster the Adoption of Web 3.0 Technology


The landscape of our global society is rapidly changing and evolving into an interconnected web that circles the globe thanks in large part to the internet and advancements in digital technology.

One company that has emerged at the forefront of this massive shift is the Dubai-based ICICB Group, one of the world's fastest-growing multinational investment holding companies that now has more than 114 branches and offices located in 26 countries.

In a recent interview with ICICB Group Chairman in charge of strategic planning Airton Arruda, the veteran risk-management specialist laid out the future vision for the company and how it plans to help bring the digital revolution and blockchain technology to the Middle East.

According to Arruda, ICICB Group is able to set itself apart from its competitors by "staying one step ahead in the implementation and execution of our stated goals and investment strategies."

With more than 16-years of experience helping to identify and assess internal and external issues that threaten the long-term stability of a company, Arruda now applies his gathered wisdom to help ICICB Group stay committed to continuous improvement and innovation while also developing sustainable solutions.

ICICB's current investment strategy focuses on key areas of the ongoing digital transformation, according to Arruda, offering primary services to "primary services to a wide range of industries and asset classes including digital banking, real estate, construction, medical trading, commercial projects, cryptocurrency trading, luxury items and more."

A good example of the company's efforts to help improve the all-around operating conditions of various industries includes its diamond division, which has put ICICB on a path to becoming a global leader in the responsibly resourced gem industry.

After applying the same solutions the ICICB has refined over the years through work in trading and risk management, the company's diamond operation now includes diamond trading, diamond cutting, diamond planning, and diamond certification to help better increase the capabilities of each specialty.

Now, the ICICB Group has its sights set on helping support the ongoing blockchain technology revolution which Arruda stated: "offers far-reaching solutions across numerous industries."

The ICICB Group has already established a partnership with the world-renowned video game maker Atari which led to the creation of the Atari Chain and its native Atari Token, which is already live in the market with a growing base of supporters.

Arruda stated that the ICICB Group sought out the partnership with Atari because of the firm's "focus on achieving a faster delivery of service for the digital economy," and that the venture has already produced significant results as the Atari Chain ecosystem is rapidly growing.

The partnership has already started planning its next phase of development which includes the construction of the first Atari Hotel in Gibraltar, after which the group has "plans to build multiple hotels around the world starting in Dubai and Spain."

ICICB Group's board of directors is comprised of a "diverse collection of high-ranking individuals from all over the world" that helps the company "connect and build strong relationships with its equally diverse partners and clients."

The company currently offers financial and banking services in more than 100 countries worldwide with our main markets located in the UAE, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Germany, France, China, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

Through its expansive reach and mission to help finance, support, and promote small and large enterprises in fields such as banking, medical equipment, and real estate, ICICB was not only able to weather the economic troubles of the last few years but saw impressive returns in the second quarter of 2021 as its overall goals aligned with the demands of the labor market.

The organization's focus on domestic and international investments also helped it "achieve success even during these difficult times," according to Arruda.

As for what the future holds for ICICB Group, Arruda stated that they "have a long-term goal of expanding our business relationships in growing areas where our management has significant experience."

"We plan to focus heavily on industries that help enable a faster digital experience and help foster the transformation of the digital world. We intend to expand into all Arab countries as well as more than 150 countries around the world."