Ibtehaj Hassan yet again garners headlines for sharing his struggles in music

Ibtehaj Hassan

The passionate musical talent says that it was his struggles in life that kept him going on his path.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have been changing across the world in more than one. These changes and developments are a result of various factors, one of which is the constant advent of technology, which now has been embraced by professionals working across industries of the world. However, to always stay up on trends or walk hand-in-hand with the changing trends of one's chosen industry is no walk in the park for anyone. Especially the music space is one which has always offered various challenges to artists in their journeys to success. However, there are also self-driven and determined individuals and professionals who make sure to go beyond all of this and create a massive name and buzz around themselves, just like DJ and musical artist Ibtehaj Hassan did.

They say when you step into the music and the entertainment world, controversies become part and parcel of one's life, and they say that right, looking at how a few singers, musicians, rappers, and DJ's lives have always become a part of headlines ever since they have entered the field. However, what one makes out of these ups and downs in one's journey is what goes ahead in defining them as successful individuals and professionals. Ibtehaj Hassan, the New York City boy, who initially pursued to become a doctor, after attaining his undergrad degree at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College, dived deep into the music world and realized he was born to be a part of the music realm.

However, no one ever said that a person's journey towards success is filled with sunshine and roses. Ibtehaj Hassan's story is of struggles and hurdles but also of truth and honesty in music. He shares how struggles always were a part of his journey, but that never made him lose hope; instead, he worked with double the efforts to make his name. He confesses how criticisms and backlashes surrounded his music, but his passion and love for music were always greater than that, which allowed him to keep moving ahead on his path.

The performer behind songs like Dream Sight and Dreamless says that he is ready for the many challenges that will come his way even in the future as he trusts his determination and hard work.