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Norman Bechtel

Norman "iAmMoneyMoves" Bechtel (born August 29, 1990) is an American Entrepreneur, Manager, and Business Leader. He has spent the majority of his career working in the music industry. Being an artist is one of the most challenging jobs in this world. If you can make a name for yourself and get paid along, that is the satisfaction of life. But not everyone gets to live their California dream.

We all know such artists who are making good music but still not getting the recognition they deserve. There can be several reasons for it but one of the most obvious reasons behind this is no proper exposure to their fans and the industry. We have seen many artists who are spending thousands of dollars to bring just an expensive car in the song but when it comes to the marketing of the song, they all believe that it will go viral by itself. It is obvious that all artists really don't know how to push their videos among the audience and it is normal because they have a creative mindset but not much knowledge on how to advertise their video in front of an audience, or it is to much on the artist and they need help it's a lot to do it all on your own, that's why iAmMoneyMoves offers a weekly artist development program, the question artists need to find out is, what is their potential audience and where to find them. This is where they need one manager who is familiar with this industry and knows how to make the best use of the video and where to promote. It is said that always be involved with people smarter than you.

IAmMoneyMoves, is an artist manager who helps today's artists to get the maximum exposure and have perfect knowledge about the Music Industry. IAmMoneyMoves is an American Entrepreneur, Manager, has spent the majority of his career working in the music industry. Artists need people who can introduce them to the label's, records and bigger artists or can help them in what they are doing wrong and especially new artists who want to start and are totally unaware about how industry works. IAmMoneyMoves will be great in the starting career because getting recognition in the start will be the best for artists as it gives the moral boost and many labels are always looking for young artists who can be the game changer in the upcoming future.

The best part about the IAmMoneyMoves is that he delivers what he promised to his artists unlike other managers who make big promises to their artists in the start and then fail to deliver as they have no connection in the industry. He himself has admitted that "I will never do anything for my clients that I haven't used on my own brand. He is a result oriented entrepreneur and all the artists whom he has worked with have said the same things about his work, which is itself giving the proof of the work of iammoneymoves.You can know about the iammoneymoves and his work on this instagram account.