iAero Boeing 737 Flight Lands in San Diego With Missing Tail Parts While Crew was Totally Unaware

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft belonging to iAero Airways, previously Swift Air, which is based in Miami is 21 years old

Days after it emerged that a Boeing 737 belonging to iAero Airways, which previously used to known as the Swift Air Airways, landed at the San Diego Airport with missing tail parts. The incident now has raised questions on whether this was a near miss and a major crash was averted.

An aviation enthusiast Dough Kempf highlighted on Twitter that the Swift Air Boeing 737-800 (N820TJ, built 1998) was seen landing at San Diego Intl AP (KSAN), CA with parts of its lower vertical tail missing. It appears those parts separated during the flight from Victorville to KSAN.

Dough Kempf

Kempf put up the photo of the Boeing 737-800 on Twitter – calling his find 'airworthy'. The photo shows the Boeing 737 aircraft, registered N820TJ, moments before it landed in San Diego with its tail also known as the vertical stabilizer missing.

Kempf tweeted:

Kempf posted another tweet

As per the data from FlightAware accessed by Simple Flying, the Boeing 737 took off at approximately 15:14 from Southern California Logistics Airport, more commonly referred to as Victorville, and landed at 15:55 local time in San Diego International Airport (SAN).

The 737 was registered as N820TJ and is over 21 years old. The iAero Airways, previously Swift Air, which is based in Miami, Florida operates charter flights for nationally known fractional aircraft operators, financial institutions, construction, transportation, many collegiates, professional sports organizations, and major tour operators.

The company owns 33 Boeing aircraft and has seven Boeing 737-800. It is found that on May 19, when the picture was taken, the aircraft flying schedules included Phoenix to Denver, Denver to Victorville, and finally Victorville to San Diego.

At the time of publishing, neither Swift Air parent company iAero Group or Boeing had released any statement or clarification about the incident.