"I truly believe in empowering peopleto live fulfilling lives," says Bismarck Ebiweh


Inspiring others, it seems, is the silent revolution of our generation. With the more rigid tenets of tradition easing their grasp on people's destinies, many individuals are learning to discover themselves by doing things their way. These young pioneers are creating a new world, pushing the walls of limitations one day at a time. And as they succeed, they are quick to realize that to sustain their run they must dawn the garb of genuine teachers and mentors. In this article, we talk about Bismarck Ebiweh who has dedicated his ever-evolving life to empower others and help them live fulfilling lives.

Nigerian by birth, Bismarck has made America his home. His entry into the competitive world started with an interest in Petroleum engineering. But it was during his time at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Fall 2014- Spring 2018) that he truly found his calling. It's here that he embraced activities that "show you the limits and limitlessness of your body and mind." At Lafayette he competed in the 100m, 200m, 60m, 400m, 4x100m and honed his skills "as an NCAA Track and Field Athlete" recalls the young self-improvement coach. He also went on to represent "the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2015 for the 4x100 Relay." The more he challenged his body, the more it eased his mind. Soon, he realized, it was time to share "useful insights with other people like me, who just needed guidance to find the core of their potential."

He decided to pour his heart into helping others build themselves. Says the young author-entrepreneur, "I truly believe in empowering men to live a high-quality life. I want them to work on themselves and be the best version of themselves so they too can have more options with everything they do in their life." His passion struck a chord with people, 26.5K on Instagram and 50K+ on YouTube, who lather his posts with comments like "(It) motivates me every time I open Instagram I visit this post" and "I believe in you." Talking about his ambition for his followers Bismarck says, "I like to motivate my followers by keeping things real. When they start out, they know it's not going to be easy. But most of them are so thirsty for change that they welcome the new routine, the tough regime, and an overall shift in perspective."

Bismarck has helped "thousands of men find their inner strengths" but this as he says "is just the beginning."