I started learning SEO when I was 12. Yash Badgujar (Founder and CEO, Tekzop Technologies)

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The Covid-19 market scenario has made us realize how important it is to scale your business. And even more important is to use digital marketing resources to grow it. However, it is necessary to be guided by an expert rather than a pretentious source to do so. One such reliable resource, in the form of a one-stop-shop for all your marketing related dilemmas and queries, is- Tekzop Technologies. Most marketing and business growth coaches don't generally have an idea of how to scale a business. But the founder of Tekzop Technologies, Mr. Yash Badgujar, went through the trouble once for himself and then started helping others scale their businesses. Yash and his team use in-depth analysis of edgy topics that other marketing strategists avoid. It is the passion for helping people grow their businesses and find better financials that keeps Yash motivated. The high conversion rate and a will to go the extra mile is but a surplus to it.

"Tekzop Technologies" was started back in 2019. And it has been working selflessly to improve people's business strategies and selling the right products to the right clientele. Yash has been working in the industry for a long time now. He says," I started learning about website design and SEO when I was 12 years old. I started applying it when I was 13. I did SEO for my own website which boomed up. It has been more than six years now that I have been doing SEO for my own website which boomed up. But only after a few years in the field was that I found out that my real passion is ads and not SEO. Coming from a background where I have a lot of experience in SEO, Landing page conversion optimization, A/B testing, and ads became cakewalk for me." In today's date, Tekzop Technologies doesn't only talk about just marketing, but also Google Ads & Landing page conversion optimization services and a few more. Yash uses his experience with his numerous multi-million-dollar clients from more than ten countries.

We asked Yash about his aspirations for the company. He replied, "I want to create the best team in the world bringing out the best possible results and experience for our clients. I want to help businesses with achieving the specific growth goals that they have. I believe that each business is unique and it's like a real person. People never forget great businesses and greatness is just a perception that can be achieved through marketing the business right by using digital platforms. I want to help my clients create the greatest perceptions."

It is the skills and knowledge gained over these many years that got him where he is today. His love and commitment to his work and passion are amazing and awe-inspiring. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

This article was first published on January 23, 2021