'I Live Alone' sweeps 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards

'I Live Alone' cast (MBC)
'I Live Alone' cast MBC

The reality TV show "I Live Alone" swept the 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards held on December 29.

Emcee Jun Hyun Moo bagged the "daesang" or grand prize for "I Live Alone" while the show won variety program of the year.

"I Live Alone" features the lives of celebrities who are living by themselves, showing their homes and their activities.

It also bagged other awards for its cast members and staff. Super Junior M's Henry and model Han Hye Jin won the excellence in variety show award while Park Na Rae won high excellence in variety award. Park Na Rae and webtoon artist Kian84 also won the best couple award while Lee Si-eon won the rookie award for variety show. The show's Lee Kyung Ha won the screenwriter of the year award.

Jun Hyun Moo said he didn't expect to win the grand prize, saying, "I did joke that I wanted the Daesang, but didn't think that I would actually get it. Thank you so much. It's an honor to receive this award in front of so many people that I liked since I was young. I think I received this because of the innocent charms of the Rainbow Club [from 'I Live Alone']."

"As a fervent fan, I will cheer for MBC to walk the flower path in 2018. I also hope that the spring wind will blow in my old homeland (KBS) as well," he said referring to the union strikes which hit the two Korean TV stations last September.

Here are the other winners of the 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards:

High Excellence in Variety Award: Park Myung Soo, "Infinite Challenge" and "All Broadcasts of the World"

High Excellence in Show/Sitcom Award: Kim Gook Jin, "Radio Star" and "Section TV"

High Excellence in Radio Award: Park Joon Hyung, Jung Kyung Mi, "2 O'Clock Hurray"

Excellence in Variety Award: Yang Se Hyung ("Infinite Challenge")

Excellence in Show/Sitcom Award: Kim Hyun Chul for "King of Masked Singer" and Park Han Byul for "Borg Mom"

Excellence in Radio Award: Yiruma for "Golden Disc") and Seo Kyung Seok for "Women's Generation"

Rookie Award for Variety: Han Chae Young for "Wizard of Nowhere"

Rookie Award for Show/Sitcom: Seol In Ah for "Section TV") and Kai for "King of Masked Singer"

Rookie Award for Radio: Jung Yoo Mi for "FM Date" and Moon Chun Shik for "Now Is the Era of Radio"

MC Award: Lee Sang Min and Lee Jae Eun for "Section TV"

Best Teamwork Award: "Wizard of Nowhere"

PD (Producing Director) Award: "King of Masked Singer"

Popularity Award: Han Eun Jung and Block B's P.O for "Living Together in Empty Room"

Special Variety Award: Yoon Jung Soo for "Wizard of Nowhere"

Special Sitcom Award: Yang Dong Geun for "Borg Mom"

Special Radio Award: Yang Ji Woon for "Home Run Start") and Park Yoon Kyung for "57 Minute Traffic Report"

Special Music Show Award: Sohyang fo "King of Masked Singer"

Special Current Events and Culture Award: Lee Jae Eun for "MBC Live Tonight"

Writer of the Year in Radio Award: Lee Yoon Yong for "2 O'Clock Hurray"

Radio Lifetime Achievement Award: Childfund Korea and Im Shin Hyuk

Writer of the Year in Current Events and Culture Award: Jang Eun Jung for "PD Notebook"

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Gook Jin, Kim Gura, Yoon Jong Shin and Super Junior's Kyuhyun for "Radio Star"