I have to pay back what I received: Jin Goo on Descendants of the Sun sequel

Jin Goo rose to fame with his character Seo Dae Young, in Descendants of the Sun

South Korean actor Jin Goo, who rose to fame with his character Seo Dae Young, says 'Descendants of the Sun' role has changed his life in a positive manner. The 35-year-old believes that his huge fan following has doubled after portraying the character of the young army man.

In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, the actor revealed that it took time for him to sink in the fame he garnered after the show. He said: "To be honest, it was uncomfortable at first. Just last year I was able to stand in line at the movies and people just seemed to recognize me, but now they ask for autographs and pictures. I am more used to it now though."

Elaborating further, the face of cosmetic brand Enprani also expressed his delight on seeing people pointing him as a known face: "It's amazing how people recognize me in other countries. I understand maybe in Asia, but I was really surprised to be recognized in Paris, France. It was cool how people of different races recognize me."

In addition, Jin Goo also addressed rumours over Descendants of the Sun sequel, which is said to be in production phase. Although the actor did not reveal much about the remake, he revealed that it will be his honour to be cast in the show again. "I also heard about it. I saw reports on it, and if there is a season 2, then of course I will take part. I will do it again no matter how successful or not it may be since I received a great gift from it. I have to pay back what I received," he told the media outlet.