I don't know what it means to love: Park Bo-young [VIDEO]

Park Bo-young
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In a rather surprising revelation, actress Park Bo-young has said that she does not know what being in love means. She has revealed that she is yet to find her first love and experience all those rollercoaster of emotions for the first time.

As noted by Allkpop, 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' actress Park Bo-young recently gave an interview to TV Report where she talked about her upcoming movie 'On Your Wedding Day.' While speaking about the project she revealed that in real life, she is yet to understand what love means.

"I think I know the feeling of 'liking' someone, but I don't know what it means to 'love'" the actress confessed, adding, "My older sister (who is married) told me how a true breakup feels like, and she said that it feels painfully ardent."

Park Bo-young also said that her lack of romantic experience in real life has affected her career. This is because she feels she cannot utilise such emotions while acting because they are non-existent in her life.

She also said that it becomes difficult to perform a romantic character, especially one like Hwan Seung-hee, a girl who believes in love at first sight. The character also goes after her ex eventually. Bo-young added, "I have yet to experience my first love, so I also need the experience of a painful breakup."

From her accounts, it seems Park Bo-young has a lot of catching up to do in terms of romance. However, since she has played many romantic roles in the past, her performance should not be a problem.

Park Bo-young had recently revealed how her curiosity to know people's reactions to her movies makes her go from theatre to theatre, just to know how people react to her performances. In any case, Park Bo-young is a lady of many talents. She sang the track 'Listen to Me' from the original soundtrack of 'On Your Wedding Day.' Listen to the track below.

'On Your Wedding Day' opens in cinemas on August 22. The movie also stars Kim Young-kwang with whom she previously acted in the 2014 film 'Hot Young Bloods.'

Watch the trailer for 'On Your Wedding Day,' below.