'I conquered Coronavirus': School teacher with diabetes, liver and lung infection beats COVID-19

Despite suffering from type 1 diabetes and liver and lung infection, a 26-year-old school teacher defeated Coronavirus and lived to tell the tale.

Contracting coronavirus is not the end after all. Sarah Hall, a 26-year-old secondary school teacher from the UK with underlying conditions such as type 1 diabetes and A1AT, a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and liver, came out victorious after she suffered from Covid-19 and now lives to tell the tale of a lifetime.

I struggled to breathe and lost consciousness

At the beginning of March, Sarah Hall revealed that she suffered from severe fatigue and assumed it was due to the stress of teaching but things gradually worsened as her temperature shot up and developed an unusual cough. ''I started feeling tired just over two weeks ago but I thought that was just from the pressures of teaching. But then I felt freezing and the next day I developed a cough so I was advised by work to isolate for 14 days,'' she told The Telegraph.

Sarah Hall Coronavirus
Facebook / Sarah Hall

Though her body took the brunt of the virus, Sarah stated that she had the mental capacity to remain calm and kept herself occupied in some way or the other despite finding it hard to breathe and felt dizzy most of the time. ''I struggled to breathe and felt constantly dizzy – I felt like I was about to pass out. But I tried to keep calm, drink plenty of water and keep as busy as I could.''

It was hard to even get an ambulance to the hospital

After her health rapidly worsened in just a matter of a few days, she decided to call the ambulance service to take her to the hospital but revealed that the person on the phone was trying to convince her to cancel the ambulance and her boyfriend had to intervene during the call saying the ambulance is absolutely required.

Sarah Hall Coronavirus
Facebook / Sarah Hall

''I feel like the person on the phone is trying to convince me to cancel the ambulance. My boyfriend speaks to them because I am so breathless. They tell me it will be a long wait and do I really want the ambulance? I do.'' Despite their best efforts, an ambulance was available only after 9 hours and that too if they were lucky, and the person on the call asked her to arrange their own mode of transport to the hospital.

Thankfully, she had purchased a new car in January and her boyfriend drove her over to the hospital. ''On Sunday, I tested positive for coronavirus,'' she said. ''I was severely dehydrated so was ordered fluids, and then sent back home. By day seven of the virus I felt better and the symptoms started to lessen. It's not pleasant but I have a lung condition as well as diabetes and I conquered the virus.''

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