'I Can't Do This Anymore', Demi Lovato says Holy Fvck Tour Will be Her Last

Demi Lovato may be over tour life as she says her current tour, Holy Fvck Tour, which is in support of her eighth studio album, will be her last. The tour began a month ago in Des Moines, with the most recent being scheduled in Santiago, Chile.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the Neon Lights singer wrote that she can't do this anymore. She said the next tour will be her last. Lovato also said she barely has a voice and she will be pointing the mic to the audience a lot. But she did not reveal any more details about her illness and since then has deleted the Instagram Stories. This sent "Lovatics" abuzz on social media.

One fan tweeted that Demi Lovato means the whole world to him/her, but everytime Lovato goes on tour there is an awful feeling that it's not good for them mentally or physically. The fans just want the Heart Break singer to be happy and healthy. Another fan used the hash tag #WeLoveYouDemi– "We love you Demi, you are not alone. Remember that you and your health is above everything." Fans highlighted that they forget how much trauma Demi Lovato has been through. "We forget how heavy day to day life is for them."

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato says this is her last tour. Getty Images

Demi Lovato Has Been Struggling

The last few years have been tumultuous for Lovato. In 2018, she had a near-fatal overdose which caused the singer to suffer three strokes and a heart attack. Since then, Lovato maintained a sober lifestyle but continued to drink alcohol and smoke weed in moderation. Then in 2021, the Unbroken singer announced that she was "completely sober". Lovato shared that going sober for good was the only way for her to live a healthy lifestyle.

Last month, she opened up about the emotional and physical she has endured in the entertainment industry. Lovato shared an incident when an unnamed member on her team told her that she wasn't "sick enough" to seek treatment after she explained that she was "throwing up blood". The singer thought that it was his way of saying that "No, you're not going back to treatment because if you do, this will look bad on me."

Drug Addiction

Earlier this year, Lovato completed another stint in rehab. In December 21, she wrote on Instagram Stories that "I no longer support my California sober ways. Sober, sober is the only way to be. The singer posted a shaved head photo which appeared to be taken at the rehab facility – representing a "fresh start". After the near-fatal overdose in 2018, Lovato detailed the incident in YouTube documentary series – sharing with fans the grip their addiction had on them, from using meth and heroin to now having to receive injections to prevent from getting high.

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato performing. Twitter

The singer started experimenting with drugs at the age of 13 after she was prescribed opiates for injuries she sustained in a car accident. Lovato explained that she had been bullied and was looking for an escape. But her mom saw how many pills had disappeared and how fast they did, and locked it away. The singer said that throughout her teens she got certain kinds of pills, and also stole her mom's Xanax. She tried coke for the first time at age 17 and loved it too much. She went for treatment after she turned 18 following the release of Disney Channel movie Camp Rock.

Now she has come up with her eighth consecutive top 10, which went onto becoming the highest debut of the week on the album chart Holy Fvck. This is Lovato's first album since 2021's Dancing With the DevilThe Art of Starting Over.

Lovato is to be on the road until November 6 when the tour wraps up at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas.