HyunA reveals why she rejected a critical acclaimed movie

HyunA is making a comeback as a solo artist with her 5th mini album A'WESOME.

South Korean singer/model HyunA recently revealed that she rejected a role in a critically acclaimed movie, The Wailing. The former member of K-pop group 4Minute, relayed that she did not have the expertise of acting at that time of her career.

In a recent episode of Happy Together, the 24-year-old opened about her major career decision on not taking up the mystery thriller movie. The actress stated that she was offered the role of a mysterious woman, which was originally played by the actress Chun Woo Hee in the film. She said: "It was about three years ago. I'm not some great star, but the director came to me in person to offer me the role. Since this was not my field of expertise, I respectfully declined the offer."

On asked if director Na Hong Jin tried to persuade her, HyunA told MC Yoo Jae Suk: "He said, 'I want to draw out another side you using the energy that you pour out on stage.'" However, the singer further affirmed that she do not have any regrets for turning down the role.

Meanwhile, after the disbandment of 4Minute, HyunA is now making a comeback as a solo artist. The singer will be unleashing her 5th mini album A'WESOME next month. Hyuna recently performed at Viral Fest Asia 2016 in Bali, Indonesia, and is reportedly all set to perform the track How Is It? from her upcoming mini on KBS2's "Music Bank" on 5 August.

Furthermore, the Seoul-born singer, who is widely known for her appearance in PSY's worldwide hit, Gangnam Style, will be heading off to Taiwan and China, for her upcoming concert tour staring from 4 September.