HyunA to gain back weight she previously lost for A'wesome

Hyuna made a solo comeback with her 5th mini album A'WESOME in August.

Former 4Minute member HyunA is relishing the success of her solo comeback album, A'wesome. The singer is going strong on the music charts and gaining popularity through her own reality show, X19.

In a recent interaction on V app, the 24 year-old expressed her thoughts on gaining the lost weight. When asked if she lost too much weight, the singer said: "I'm gaining it right now. I did mukbang today".

Giving an insight into her exercise regimen, HyunA told Allure that she is not a fitness freak, and only exercises as her profession demands to do so. She said: "I go to the gym 5 times a week and switch back and forth between weights and aerobics. If I don't have time, I try to work out in the practice room. I actually prefer not doing anything rather than being active. I work out because I have to, not necessarily because I like to."

The singer further revealed: "My body's balance has been off because I've been working out a lot, so these days, I'm trying to eat foods that are good for me. A while ago, I went in for an examination and got results back saying I lack a lot of essential nutrients, so I've been taking vitamins and drinking water. I try to walk whenever I have the time."

Furthermore, HyunA also talked about her obsession with pineapples. The singer revealed that her interiors, clothing and even undergarments have been inspired by the tropical fruit. She said: "For the past 2 years, I've been obsessed with things with pineapples drawn on them. From lights, interior decorations, tees, underwear, socks, and more, I have a ton of stuff with pineapples on them."