Hyun Bin reveals the real reason he announced relationship with Kang Sora

Hyun Bin and Kang Sora announced their relationship in December 2016.

Hyun Bin
Hyun Bin is in a relationship with Kang Sora Instagram/withhyunbin

Hyun Bin's relationship with new girlfriend Kang Sora is going stronger than ever. The 34-year-old South Korean actor has now revealed why the couple decided the announce their relationship to the world.

During an interview with Sports Chosun, Hyun Bin said: "There wasn't any particular reason why I went public with my relationship. I just admitted it because it's the truth, but that doesn't mean I want to open up my whole private life."

He added: "Kang Sora said she wouldn't be able to come to the VIP press conference for 'Confidential Assignment' because she has her own plans. I also don't want the spotlight to be on our relationship."

After it was confirmed that they are dating in December 2016, the couple's respective agencies admitted that they are in a relationship.

Bin's label VAST Entertainment stated: "Back in October, the two actors first met at a meeting regarding business with other staff. Then they remained as good sunbae-hoobaes who shared advice and concerns with each other. They are just now starting their relationship. It's only been a few days since they started seeing each other [as a couple] so they're very cautious about the reports being released at this time. We're even more cautious as their personal matters are being revealed in the midst of a controversial time for the nation. However, please regard them warmly, and give them your support and encouragement for their future acting promotions."

Sora's label Plum Entertainment said: "It's only been about half a month since the two started seeing each other with feelings, so we're very cautious about the reports. Please regard them with generosity."