Hybe Passes 6 Million Mark on Mystery Boxes


Hybe is an online shopping platform sells mystery boxes containing luxury fashion and tech products. The business was launched in 2018 as an ecommerce start-up designed to challenge traditional online shopping destinations, and has recently passed a major milestone: over 6 million mystery boxes have now been opened on the platform. A mystery box is a collection of items, including luxury fashion and technology, that shoppers buy without knowing exactly what they'll receive. Luxury fashion and tech is typically associated with high prices that make these products inaccessible to a huge number of shoppers. Hybe aims to reverse the trend, by pricing their mystery boxes far lower than the high-value products inside. Their boxes are usually curated by brand or

product category, meaning that shoppers can narrow down their selection based on their specific needs.

On Hybe, shoppers choose from over 50 unique mystery boxes, which they unbox online. The unboxing process can be independently verified, and shoppers can review the likelihood of receiving any item in their chosen box before they open it. Shoppers are also able to exchange unwanted items, a process enhanced by Hybe's Value Guarantee. This means that the value of all items in all mystery boxes is always equal to or greater than the price of the box itself. It allows shoppers to explore the world of mystery boxes freely and dynamically, and adds a new layer to the shopping experience: to keep the product that's been unboxed, or exchange it for something else. Over 1.5 million shoppers have opened mystery boxes on Hybe. There are several reasons for the site's ongoing popularity: low-priced mystery boxes; high-quality products from world-famous brands; frequent giveaways and promotional offers; and guaranteed authenticity on all top-tier items. Gamified shopping features have also been incorporated into the core experience on Hybe, including dynamic monthly leaderboard contests, user-generated content challenges, unlockable rewards, and more. All these factors have positioned Hybe as an attractive alternative to traditional online shopping, particularly for Millennial and Gen Z shoppers.

Hybe is on track to double the figure of 6 million mystery boxes sold by 2022. The company is also aiming to double its number of verified users in the same time frame. Backed by a dedicated team of employees and contractors, and partnered with trusted third-party suppliers, Hybe has big ambitions for the future of online shopping. Gamified shopping forms another key aspect of the company's strategy, given its potential to attract an entirely new generation of shoppers to platforms that develop genuinely.Engaging gamified features. With a focus on luxury fashion and technology, Hybe aims to become a top shopping destination for customers around the world. To claim your first mystery box for free, sign up for a new account on Hybe. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest boxes, products and giveaways by following Hybe on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.