Hwayugi to finally resume broadcast

Fantasy-thriller Hwayugi will finally resume broadcast from January 6. tvN has confirmed that the third episode will be aired on Saturday followed by the fourth on Sunday. And, from there on it will follow its regular weekend schedule.

The drama faced a roadblock when the second episode suffered visible broadcast errors last month. Apart from the visible wires during the stunt scenes, viewers also witnessed the green board background instead of the edited ones.

Immediately, tvN replaced the drama with ads, promos of upcoming shows and directors cut video, eventually stopping the broadcast abruptly with an apology card. The reason is due to the extensive computer graphics works which are taking more time than expected. Since the fantasy-thriller involves a lot of monsters and exorcisms, the CG team requires more time to complete the scenes with perfection.

Another blow came through an accident on the sets when one of its light men fell from more than three meters while fixing the chandeliers for the shoot. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in an unconscious stage but suffered a broken spine and pelvic bone. He is said to have regained consciousness. However, due to the injuries doctors have said that the staff might suffer partial paralysis as an aftermath.

Following that, the National Media Workers Union launched an investigation and urged the broadcaster to stop the production and investigate the real cause of the accident. Now, it looks like the investigation procedures have been completed and the channel is likely to resume the shoot soon.

In an official statement issued by tvN, the channel has confirmed that they have taken all the necessary steps to prevent any such accidents in the future. "We had revamped the entire sets by reorganising the shooting environment, working conditions of the staff, and the production schedule so that there will not be any mishaps again. We will resume normal operation from the date," DT Korea quoted the channel.

Hwayugi is a modern take on the Chinese classic novel 'Journey to the West.' The story revolves around a monk's journey with four troublesome companions who must atone for their sins.The drama is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 (KST).