Hwarang: Do Ji Han says BTS's V 'worked really hard' for the role

The two star together in the KBS2 drama, Hwarang.

Do Ji Han and Kim Taehyung
Do Ji Han and Kim Taehyung star together in the KBS2 drama, Hwarang Instagram/dojihan/

Do Ji Han has opened up about Kim Taehyung's acting skills. The two star together in the KBS2 drama, Hwarang.

During an interview, the 25-year-old South Korean actor talked about the member of the South Korean boy group BTS, who is better known by his stage name V. Ji Han revealed everyone was impressed by Taehyung's first attempt at acting.

He said: "Because it was Taehyung's first time acting, we were really worried too. He went to Park Seo Joon for a lot of help. Taehyung's agency is close to where I live, so he also asked me for help. Whenever he calls me, he asks where I am, and when I tell him I'm at home, he says, 'Do you want to eat together?' So we eat food, drink coffee, and talk for a while. Then we go to his practice room, spread out the script, and talk about it."

"Taehyung unexpectedly worked really really hard. He's talented by nature. Whenever I saw him, I naturally found myself smiling. He's also grown a lot in acting. Because he has a lot of talent, I thought he would do well if I just guided him a little. He has a strong will," Ji Han added.

Ji Han also gushed about Taehyung's approach towards senior actors. He said: "Everyone is busy. When you're the youngest, it can be hard to approach the older actors. But Taehyung will approach the older actors first and make suggestions on what to do together. He's really an affectionate person. When I saw him juggling his music schedule, I thought 'It must be hard. It must be physically straining.' But seeing him laugh till the end and energetically finish [filming] made me think that he is amazing."

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