Hwarang: The Beginning features love triangle of Go Ara, Park Seo-joon and Park Hyung-sik

The story is that of six Hwarang warriors which is led by Park Seo-joon.

Hwarang: The Beginning
Hwarang: The Beginning Wikimedia Commons

One of the most anticipated upcoming Korean drama on KBS2 network is Hwarang: The Beginning which is also known as Hwarang. The drama features Park Seo-joon, Go Ara and Park Hyung-sik, as the main three characters.

According to Drama Beans, the series is set in the capital of the Kingdom of Silla. The story is that of six Hwarang warriors which is led by Seo-joon's character, Moo-myung.

It appears from the trailers of Hwarang that the story will have a serious and a humorous plotline. And, it will obviously have a romantic love triangle among Seo-joon(Moo-myung), Go Ara (Aro)and Hyung-sik's (King Sam Maek-jong) characters.

Love Triangle In Hwarang: The Beginning

According to the reports, the storyline is such that Moo-myung will be falling in love with Aro. Drama Beans reports that the love story between the two begins when Moo-myung feels protected towards her which later turns out to be love.

It further reports that Go Ara's character is "half-lowly and half-royal". She has got a frank and straightforward attitude despite of having a low key background.

The appealing storyline of Hwarang: The Beginning has kept the fans buzzing about the new K-drama.

In the star-studded KBS 2 network series, Min-ho, Do Ji-han, Jo Yoon-woo and others will also be present.

Min-ho is playing the character of a playboy. Do Ji-han playing the role of Ban-ryu is one such Hwarang who is a bit cold blooded, according to Drama Beans.

MovieNewsGuide stated: "King Jinheung aka King Sam Maek-jong comes into the picture and forms the third wheel in the love story. He does this to keep himself safe from the threats on his life. Moreover, he does not trust anyone easily and is more a lonely character."

The premiere of the new K-drama Hwarang: The Beginning will be on 19 December on KBS2 Network.

This article was first published on December 16, 2016