Hwang Chi Yeul throws away gifts he gets from fans?

Hwang Chi Yeul is a Korean musician, singer, songwriter, TV show host of Bros.

Hwang Chi Yeul
Hwang Chi Yeul is a Korean musician, singer, songwriter, TV show host of Bros Facebook/hwangchiyeol

Korean musician and singer Hwang Chi Yeul has been accused of throwing away gifts which he often receives from his fans. In a post on social media, the 33-year-old has been highly criticized for preferring pricey gifts over hand-made, less expensive ones.

According to a fan update, Chi Yeul reportedly takes away all the pricey gifts and leaves cards or custom made craft in his hotel room. A picture of shopping bags filled with offerings is also making rounds around the web.

However, the singer's Chinese company released an official announcement denying the allegations. The rep stated: "The recent rumor about the singer -- that he keeps only the expensive presents and throws away the cheap ones -- is not factual."

The label further revealed that Yeol takes few gifts with him due to baggage issues, and carefully places the remaining ones in his Chinese office: "He takes most of [the presents] with him to Korea and keeps them at home or at his agency in Korea. The ones he cannot take with him, he keeps them in the Chinese office...He does not judge the presents by their price tags," the staffer relayed.

The agency's official update also hinted at legal action against rumour mongers.

Meanwhile, the rep also issued a clarification over the picture circulating on internet. He said: "It is not clear from the photos whether the bags are from the fans or from us, but he definitely took all the presents. They might be empty wrappers and shopping bags...If you've seen the show 'I Live Alone' you can see that Hwang Chi Yeol's apartment is decorated with all the presents...even little gifts and fan letters, he treasures them all."

Yeol's Chinese manager also added, "I have worked with a lot of celebrities, but but I've never seen one who is so friendly and kind to his fans...I don't understand this nonsense rumor is spreading."

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