Hunter Biden Slept With Members of 'Amoeba' Group and Brother's Widow Hallie and Kept Drug Gear at Joe Biden's Virginia Home, Lunden Roberts Says

She also talks about Hunter's habit of carrying multiple cellphones at all times, often losing or misplacing them along with his other belongings.

Hunter Biden was so addicted to crack cocaine a few years ago that he brought both his girlfriend and his brother's widow — both of whom he was sleeping with — to President Biden's Virginia home. According to his ex-girlfriend, he kept his drug paraphernalia "locked up" in his own section of the house.

Lunden Roberts, whose revealing memoir, "Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden," is set to be released on August 20, told The New York Post that Hallie Biden did not seem "very street smart" when she spent time with Hunter, who was often high, at Joe Biden's rented home in McLean, Va.

Hunter's Sex and Crack Cocaine Addiction

Lunden Roberts
Lunden Roberts X

"You need to meet Hallie. You'll love her. And she'll love you. Let's all get together!" Roberts writes that Hunter told her not long after they met in 2017.

"Am I really spending time with someone who's in a seemingly open relationship with his sister-in-law?" Roberts, 33, writes in her memoir.

Hinter Biden
Hunter Biden, who has openly admitted to struggling with addiction to crack cocaine in the past Twitter

However, spending time with Joe Biden's son and his brother's widow is just a minor detail in Roberts' nearly 400-page account of her experiences in Hunter's tumultuous life.

Roberts writes in her book that contrary to reports, she did not meet Hunter at a strip club. Instead, they met at a small party at the offices of his investment firm, Rosemont Seneca, which was then at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC. She had been invited by a friend.

At the time, Hunter was going through a divorce from his first wife, Kathleen Buhle, with whom he has three children. He had also started an affair with Hallie, the widow of his brother, Beau, who died from brain cancer in 2015.

Lunden Roberts
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Roberts writes that she first saw Hunter in an office away from the party, dressed in brightly colored boxer briefs decorated with parrots. He was carefully arranging his drug paraphernalia, which included small glass tubes and copper strands, on the desk in front of him.

"He turns in his chair and catches me in his stare, his gaze intense with furrowed brows and the most beautiful blue-gray eyes I have ever seen ... He is complex, but how? He has my full attention."

After they started spending time together and becoming intimate, Roberts saw Hunter smoking crack and dancing provocatively on a pole at the Mpire Club, an upscale gentlemen's club in DC where she also worked.

Couldn't Live Without Drugs

She also details his encounters with colorful drug dealers like Bicycles, a mysterious bodyguard named Big Country who might also be a hitman. Roberts recounts wild trips on Amtrak to New York City, where Hunter would suddenly disembark to "buy pants," and she describes at least one overdose that nearly cost him his life.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden
Hunter Biden and Joe Biden at the White House Twitter

She also talks about Hunter's habit of carrying multiple cellphones at all times, often losing or misplacing them along with his other belongings.

She also highlights Hunter's occasional acts of kindness and his desire to help others, such as giving his jacket to a homeless man, only to realize later that he had left his cellphone, his dead brother's dog tags, and several rocks of cocaine in the pockets. He eventually tracked down the man and retrieved the dog tags.

Lunden Roberts
Lunden Roberts Instagram

Roberts describes how she became accustomed to Hunter's compulsive habit of showering up to six or seven times a day to "cleanse the demons" from him. The book reveals that he was always near a bottle of his favorite Tito's vodka.

According to Roberts, she introduced several of her younger single girlfriends — whom she dubbed the "Amoeba" — to Hunter. She was constantly available to drive him around and fulfill his frequent demands, such as obtaining "baby powder" from the strip club.

Initially, Roberts purchased actual talcum powder, unaware that it was code for cocaine, and Hunter mocked her for not realizing this.

Hunter Biden with Hallie
Hunter Biden with Hallie YouTube Grab

She worked at the Mpire Club, but refuses to specify in what capacity, and also served as one of Hunter's two personal assistants.

She recalls a disturbing night spent beside the president's son in bed, keeping a watch on his breathing and grappling with the decision to call paramedics, fearing that news of the incident could cause a scandal.

By morning, Hunter had recovered and sprung up "as if nothing had happened," according to Roberts.

However, their relationship abruptly ended when she informed him of her pregnancy in 2018.

Lunden Roberts
Lunden Roberts with her daughter Navy Juan Roberts Instagram

Roberts told The New York Post that initially, Hunter was supportive of the pregnancy, but later denied their relationship, claiming they had only met once at a strip club and never had sex.

She writes that he subsequently had relations with one of her "Amoeba" friends, who tearfully apologized to Roberts afterward.

Their daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, was born in August 2018. Roberts filed a paternity suit in 2019, and Hunter was compelled to take a DNA test that confirmed he was the girl's father.