Hunter Biden Met Russian Oligarch Close to Vladimir Putin Multiple Times, Including in Moscow

Hunter Biden has once again come under the scanner for having close ties with Russian Oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who happens to be a close confidant of Vladimir Putin. The truth was recently revealed in one of Biden's laptop files.

Yevtushenkov, 73, is the owner of a company which supplied drones to Russian forces for carrying out bombing in Ukraine.

Interestingly, President Joe Biden's government has failed to sanction the Russian Oligarch. Hunter Biden has met Yevtushenkov on several occasions including their dinner meeting in Moscow in February 2012.

Hunter Biden

Hunter Is Guilty of Duping US Residents

The social media followers have pointed out that Yevtushenkov has been denied sanction as the Biden government is afraid that the Russian Oligarch may reveal the details of his business dealings with Hunter Biden.

According to a report published by Daily Mail, following Hunter Biden's visit to Moscow in March 2012, Yevtushenkov met Hunter Biden over breakfast at Ritz-Carlton in New York. Thereafter, the Russian Oligarch flew to Dallas to attend another meeting with Hunter Biden's business partner. A couple of more meetings between Hunter Biden and Vladimir Yevtushenkov were also convened in subsequent years but the details of these meetings are not known.

However, a large faction of social media followers in U.S. and various other parts of the world have lambasted Hunter Biden as well the President Joe Biden for their corrupt practices. The Bidens have deceived U.S. residents and should be held accountable for the same, the followers added.

Some of the critics of Hunter Biden also stated that close ties to the Russian tycoon who is Vladimir Putin's confidant amounts to being a party to the "bloodbath" that Putin is guilty of.

A twitter user expressed his opinion stating, "Biden won't sanction him because he's afraid the guy will start talking about his business dealings with Hunter. Hunter Biden flew to Moscow to meet a Russian oligarch now sanctioned by the UK — but still not sanctioned by Biden."

Another twitter user shared, "the Russian oligarch who supplied Putin's army with killer drones is sanctioned by the UK but not Biden could his business dealings with Biden's son have anything to do with that? this Biden regime is totally corrupt."

"It's literally shocking that the #BidenCrimeFamilly continues to get away with this stuff. A Republican who did half of this would have never made it through the 2020 primaries without being indicted by our justice system," read a tweet.