Hunter Biden Begged Notorious Robber Voshawn Sample to Send Crack Cocaine to Him at Five-Star Hollywood Hotel - Report

Hunter Biden allegedly "begged" a notorious robber, Voshawn Sample, who was among Maryland's most wanted criminals, to mail him crack cocaine at a luxury hotel in 2018. This exchange of messages was apparently found on Biden's abandoned hard drive. It also revealed that the US President Joe Biden's son was staying at the hotel under the alias of Joseph Smith.

Hunter Biden
The US President Joe Biden’s son was staying at the hotel under the alias of Joseph Smith. PBS

Who is Voshawn Sample?

The criminal allegedly committed an armed robbery and first degree assault at a liquor store in Glen Burnie, Maryland. According to investigators, Sample pulled out a gun after the owner of Champion Liquors refused to give him money on September 30, 2021.

The 47-year-old had allegedly taken the owner and an employee to the back of the store at gunpoint and took $10,000. Sample had pointed the gun at one of the victim's head and then shot the other victim in his lower extremities. His court records reveal that he has numerous previous convictions, including for narcotics offenses going back to 1998. Sample is currently being held at a maximum security jail, and seems to have pleaded not guilty. He is due for trial in November.

The Sample-Biden Connection

Hunter Biden texted Sample on June 12 – "Man same thing. I really can't believe you did that to ne three times. I'm finished man. I thought you were the last honest man in the life."

Sample replied, "When you come home please come to my house and I don't want you to bring a dollar with you buddy. I'm gonna be honest with you my mother has been on vacation and I couldn't cook nothing up in my house because my mother has been acting crazy lately."

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden begged for Voshawn Shawn to send him drugs over at a luxurious L.A. Hotel in 2018. Twitter

Hunter seems to have requested for the drugs over the course of several days, but Sample seems to have repeatedly stood him up. The drug dealer on June 19 messaged Hunter to call him. He said he still has the drugs for him. "Is you gonna come and get what's yours." Hunter replied that he was in Los Angeles for six weeks and requested him to "Drop it in a mailbox then. With no return address totally anonymous." He sent Sample the street address later in the day – the address for the Chateau Marmont Hotel and told him that he was staying there under the guest name "Joseph Smith". The luxury hotel is renowned as its where Hollywood legend John Belushi died from a drugs overdose in March 1982.

If Hunter Biden is found guilty of conspiring to have drugs sent across state lines, he would be charged for federal crime.