Hunter Biden Admits Abandoned Laptop is His, Seeks Criminal Probe into Attempts to 'Weaponize Contents'

Hunter Biden wants federal investigations into attempts to weaponize the contents of the laptop, which the first son admitted belongs to him, that had been left at a Delaware computer repair shop.

Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden's lawyer, in a 14-page letter to Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings claimed that John Paul Mac Issac, the repair shop owner, unlawfully accessed Hunter's laptop data. It alleged that he worked with former President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani to weaponize sordid and incriminating contents on it against Joe Biden.

Th is is the first time the Hunter Biden and his legal team has publicly acknowledged that the abandoned laptop was indeed his. It was his personal data purported to be found on a laptop left at the Delaware repair shop. But the legal team said his new outreach does not amount to confirmation of the laptop narrative.

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Hunter Biden, in a CBS interview in April 2021, had said he had no idea whether or not the laptop belonged to him, but had said it was possible. But when he was asked if he had ever dropped his laptop to be repaired in Delaware, he said he had not.

The legal team has also sent letters to the Justice Department's National Security Division to investigate individuals, John Paul Mac Isaac, Rudy Giuliani, Garrett Ziegler, Stephen Bannon and Robert Costello, for whom there is considerable reason to believe violated various federal laws in accessing, copying, manipulating and/or disseminating Hunter Biden's person computer data.

Dirty Political Trick

Lowell, in the letter, described this as a failed dirty political trick which directly resulted in the exposure, exploitation and manipulation of Biden's private and personal information. "Mr Mac Isaac's intentional, reckless and unlawful conduct allowed for hundreds of gigabytes of Mr Biden's personal data, without any discretion, to be circulated around the internet."

Brian R. Della Rocca, Mac Isacc's attorney, confirmed the receipt of the letter and said he saw a privileged person hiring yet another high-priced attorney to redirect attention away from his own unlawful actions.

Mac Issac had acquired the "laptop from hell" in April 2019 when Hunter Biden dropped the system off in his shop for repairs. Hunter Biden had signed a contract with Mac Isaac, which included a policy stating that if the laptop was not picked up within 90 days, it would become Mac Isaac's property. Mac Isaac highlighted that Hunter Biden never came back for the laptop. He admitted that he went through the files on Hunter Biden's laptop, by his own account, the day after it was dropped off. Mac Isacc, in his book, said the day after Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop, he noticed the file titled "income.pdf" in the hard drive. But then the FBI agents seized the laptop on December 9, 2019 after serving Mac Isaac a subpoena.

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According to a report in New York Post, Mac Isaac himself notified the FBI after he came across Hunter Biden's emails detailing influence-peddling involving Joe Biden, who was then the vice-president of US, and videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack, having sex with prostitutes and his work subordinates. However, Mac Isaac had made a copy of the laptop contents and forwarded it to Giuliani's personal lawyer Robert Costello.

The 14-page letter outlines Mac Isaac, Giuliani, Costello, former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon, former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, Bannon associate Jack Maxey, and founder and CEO of XRVision and former aide to Sen. Ron Johnson, Yaacov Apelbaum as parties who gained unauthorized access to the laptop's contents and disseminated it to the media and lawmakers.

Desperate Attempt by the Biden Family

Costello described it as a "legally frivolous document" and accused Hunter Biden's new legal team of trying to intimidate people. He said it's a ridiculous attempt to intimidate that will not succeed. "It is a product of desperation by Hunter Biden because they know judgement day is coming for the Biden family." Ziegler, who has published the laptop's data on his Marco Polo USA website, believes the letters were a desperate attempt by the Biden family to get the spotlight away from their crimes.

Mac Isaac said the 14-page letter comes at a time when the House Republicans are ready to open probes into the president's son. He believes it's a scare tactic. "The flak is heaviest when you are over the target!"