Hungary confirms more than 100 Coronavirus cases in old people's home

The coronavirus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in more than 170 countries and infected over one million people

Hungary has got over 100 coronavirus or COVID-19 infections inside an old people's home in Budapest, Surgeon General Cecilia Muller said news of briefing on Thursday.

The facility, maintained by the Budapest municipal council, has a capacity of 544 people according to figures published on its website. "Examinations are continuing," Muller said in an online briefing.

Coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus is called so because the projections that encircle the capsid resemble a monarch’s crown when viewed under a microscope. (BSIP SA/Alamy) BSIP SA/Alamy

"I will visit the facility in person because I think it is necessary to oversee the intensive efforts taken there by all participants to contain the spread of the virus in this institution." Muller said several elderly people were infected in another facility in Budapest but the number of cases was in the single digits.

The coronavirus outbreak has a created a major stir around he lives claiming the lives of nearly 90,000 people and also infected nearly one and a half million people and has spread to over 170 countries in the world.

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