At least 350 drivers in Taiwan were fined for playing Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game on their phones while at work, which has already resulted in broken legs and museum bans.

According to the National Police Agency, a total of 349 fines were issued since the game launched in Taiwan on Saturday. The agency said the majority of the offenders were driving motorcycles.

The authorities have warned people to be alert on roads and other public places.

"Catch the rare creatures, but don't let accidents catch up with you!" Taiwan's Premier Lin Chuan said on the cabinet's Facebook page.

The police said if drivers are caught using their phones, they will have to pay a fine of Tw$3,000 ($95). The motorcyclists will have to hand over Tw$1,000.

Pokemon Go has created a global frenzy since its launch in July 2016. Users hunt for virtual cartoon characters based on their real-world locations detected through their smartphones using the new augmented reality technology.

The Apple Daily reported that a 20-year-old man in New Taipei City fractured his knee on Saturday after falling off his motorbike while looking at his phone.

The National Palace Museum authority in Taiwan has banned its visitors from playing Pokemon Go in its exhibition halls. This step has been taken to protect the exhibition halls showcasing prized artifacts from Chinese history spanning 7,000 years.

Other countries are also planning to set firm parameters for avid Pokemon Go players.