From a humble beginning to a Global footprint – Rohit Khanna's meteoricrise as an entrepreneur

Rohit Khanna – Director, Bhutani Infra – a rare study in business excellence – his rise from the ranks to the very top

Rohit Khanna

When you don't come from a business background, it is extremely challenging to make your inroads into the big leagues. You don't have as many contacts, you have to learn through your failures rather than those of your family's predecessors. But every now and again, the world of business discovers a shooting star, one that despite the obvious limitation of not coming from a business background carries all the right instincts and has a subliminal knowledge of the way business works.

Rohit Khanna, the Director of The Bhutani Group, is one such outstanding example. He started his career in the world of real estate without any previous experience in the sector, yet from day one showed an acumen and knack for the sector that would have stumped even stalwarts of the industry. But that was only the beginning for Rohit. Once he became proficient in Real estate, closing one of India's largest deals, expanding the Bhutani business to the GCC, growing the presence and sales of the organization in tier 2 cities in India by 400%, he set his sights on other sectors.

In India, it is very unusual for a Real Estate developer to branch out into different segments. But where others see challenges, Rohit sees opportunities. Just like he mastered Real Estate, Rohit now has his sights set on other sectors such as education, sports, renewables, and much more. And he is 100% set to give these sectors his all once again, just the way he did when he started out in Real Estate.