Humans losing battle against fighting germs, could cause apocalypse

human apocalypse

A study conducted by Professor Lewis Dartnell, author of the book 'The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World After An Apocalypse' has claimed that humans are losing their battle against fighting germs and it could cause the end of humanity, sometimes, much earlier than the doomsday due to climate change.

In the study, Dartnell blamed people for misusing antibiotics and this trend may result in drug resistance while treating dreaded diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis.

"An actual apocalypse is thankfully very unlikely, but the notion of the loss of everything that we take for granted today is a really good way of thinking about all we have to be grateful for in our modern lives," said Dartnell, reports.

As per Dartnell, if a killer disease emerges on the planet, the only way to escape for people is by running away from urban areas due to its manoeuvrability.

This is not the first time that experts are warning humans regarding the potential outbreak of an epidemic which they call Disease X.

A few months ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) had warned that a hypothesized illness called Disease X could pose a potential threat to humanity and it will result in the death of millions all across the world. WHO had also urged experts to consider Disease X as a top priority among medical experts to reduce the impact of the outbreak.

A few weeks after this dire warning from the WHO, Marc Valitutto, a wildlife vet with Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's Global Health Program claimed that the outbreak of Disease X will most likely happen either in Asia or Africa. As per the Smithsonian researcher, Asia and Africa are more prone to the devastating outbreak as humans are rapidly destroying the environment in these two continents.