Humans are not of earthly origin, aliens brought us here, says a top author

Dr. Ellis Silver, a researcher who has been analyzing the evolution of human race for many years has now claimed that our origin is not from the earth, but from an alien world.

aliens and humans

In his book titled, 'Humans are not from earth', Silver says that the human race was not born on this planet, and he even cited various proofs to substantiate his argument. According to Silver, there are many differences between humans and other species on the earth, and this has compelled the researcher to make such a conclusion.

In his book, Dr. Silver highlights the fact that humans are very sensitive to sunlight-something that other species in the world are immune to. Silver argues that reptiles on the earth are capable of regulating their temperature when exposed to sunlight, while exposure to sunlight for quite a long period of time will cause dizziness and heat stroke among human beings.

"Mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth's environment: harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more," said Silver, Daily Star reports.

Silver also claimed that the difficulty of childbirth is also a proof that humans are from an alien world. The researcher also highlights that the regular bad back among humans is a clear indication that we are from a planet with much lower gravity.

So what made aliens bring us here? Dr. Silver has put forward many theories as to why human beings were brought here. According to him, the earth may be some kind of galactic jail, and it explains our violent nature as a species.

"The Earth might be a prison planet since we seem to be a naturally violent species and we're here until we learn to behave ourselves," added Silver.

This is not the first time that a top researcher is claiming the alien origin of humans. A couple of days ago, Brian Cox, who serves as the professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester has claimed that humans could be Martians who could have reached the earth on meteorites and other space bodies.

This article was first published on April 22, 2018
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