Humans alone in the universe as alien planets that could hold life are rare, says study


A new study report published in peer-reviewed Astrophysical Journal has suggested that humans might be alone in the universe, as planets capable of holding alien life might be rarer than previously thought. The study report revealed that most of the planets that are located in the habitable zone will not be able to host complex ecosystem like the one present on the earth, and as a result, the possibilities of alien life thriving in these space bodies are pretty low.

"Imagine a habitable zone for complex life defined as a 'safe zone' where it would be plausible to support rich ecosystems as we find on Earth today. Our results indicate that complex ecosystems like ours cannot exist in most regions of the habitable zone as traditionally defined.

This is the first time the physiological limits of life on Earth have been considered to predict the distribution of complex life elsewhere in the universe," said Timothy Lyons, a biogeochemist at the University of California–Riverside and the co-author of the study in a recently issued statement.

The study report also suggested that most of the planets including the ones that are located in the habitable zones have a buildup of toxic gases in their atmospheres, and this factor make these space bodies uninhabitable for complex life forms.

However, the research report did not rule out the possibilities of basic life forms in these planets, but they assure that there will not be complex life forms like animals in these alien planet candidates.

"To sustain liquid water at the outer edge of the conventional habitable zone, a planet would need tens of thousands of times more carbon dioxide than Earth has today. That's far beyond the levels known to be toxic to human and animal life on Earth," said Edward Schwieterman, a scientist at NASA and the lead author of the study.

A few days back, Dr Young-hae Chi, a Korean lecturer at the Oxford Oriental Institute had claimed that aliens are already here on the earth, and they are interbreeding with humans to produce hybrids. As per Chi, these hybrids will be a superior race, and they will finally emerge as the most dominant species on the planet.

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