Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness living 'separate lives'

Hugh Jackman has denied the split reports.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness
Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness have denied reports that they are splitting Reuters

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness are hit by reports that their marriage is on the rocks. An Australian magazine claimed that the two are living separate lives.

A source allegedly told Woman's Day: "The spark seems to have gone out of their marriage... They've been spending a lot of time apart over the past four or five months, and neither of them seems to mind."

The insider added that Jackman "immersed himself in a younger crowd over the past few months."

However, the 61-year-old actress has "total confidence in their marriage, she laughs that Hugh's going through a midlife crisis. She says he's freaking out because he is going to be 50 soon."

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old Wolverine star has denied the split reports. His spokesperson said: "This story is 100 per cent fabricated."

Furness and Jackman met in 1995 on the set of her Australian television show, Correlli. The couple tied the knot on 11 April 1996 in a ceremony in the Toorak suburb of Melbourne. They have two adopted children – a son named Oscar Maximillian and a daughter named Ava Eliot.

Is Hugh Jackman gay?

Jackman has been previously hit by rumours that he is secretly gay. In 2011, Furness told Page Six Magazine: "Hugh and I don't pay much heed. It's kind of tragic that these people have nothing better to do than gossip about people they don't know."

In 2016, Jackman revealed how the couple handle the speculation that the actor is gay. He told Good Housekeeping: "I don't really pay attention. If someone's going to spend their time saying, 'You're really not 6′ 2′; you're 5′ 10,' I'll tell them once, 'I am 6′ 2'. Then, whatever you want to believe, it's up to you. We really only get mad when there's an element of truth, right?"