Huawei to launch new smartphone that lets you capture 3D photos


Chinese technology giant Huawei will soon launch a phone, code-name Princeton, which will be able to take three-dimensional photographs.

The phone is expected to be announced this month and will soon go on sale. A person close to the new development said that the phone will have Sony Corp's sensors and can measure distances by bouncing light off surfaces.

"This is technology that has never been seen before and, at the extreme, has the potential to change how we view the world," said Yusuke Toyoda, a sensors analyst at Fuji Chimera Research Inc. in Tokyo was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

Sony and Huawei did not comment on this.

Bloomberg reports that that the 3-D camera will be available in many phone models. It goes on to say that the 3-D camera will generate billions for Sony Corp. The plan was given a green signal after Sony Corp bought Softkinetic. Sony then combined the technology of the Brussels based company and their own semi-conductors to create the 3-D chips.

While other phone companies have used 3-D technology, reports say that they aren't at par with that of Sony's which can measure long distances. For example, Apple uses the technology for its facial recognition software. Sony Xperia also uses the technology but does not have the new time-of-flight technology which the newer models of phones will possess.

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