Now that this whole VR thing is getting some pace, we have one more maker jumping in the field. That's Huawei of China who has announced its first VR headset simply dubbed Huawei VR.

It was launched at an event in Shanghai. Huawei claims its VR headset has 360-degree audio. Since it is achieved with headphones, I'm curious to see what new tech Huawei has used for 360-degree audio. Look closely and you will notice the resemblance to Samsung GearVR.

The Huawei VR is compatible with Huawei's latest P9 and P9 Plus and M8, which came before that. You will have to slot your phone into HuaweiVR headset, just like how other VR headsets work. The only drawback in Huawei's case would be the 1080p screen of its phones, which will impact the video quality.

Specwise, the Huawei VR has 95-degree field of view and 20ms latency. There's also blue light filter inbuilt to protect your eyes.

At the launch, Huawei will offer more than 4,000 free movies, but not all be made for VR ones. There will also be 40 free games, 350 panoramic images, and 150 panoramic tours. Huawei hasn't yet disclosed the date and pricing for its Huawei VR headset.

Via: Engadget