How Young Entrepreneur Devon Bennett Built a Million-Dollar Company

Devon Bennett

Chasing our dreams and hoping they'd come true is something we all wish for. However, it requires a lot of effort to bring them to life. Nowadays, people aspire to start a business and work independently, but the journey towards making this happen can be quite daunting. Many tend to give up mid-way, but the relentless ones often make it to the top.

One of these hard-working, talented, and dedicated entrepreneurs is Devon Bennett. From a very young age, he wanted to establish a business. He eventually built a multi-million dollar company that started as a small startup.

Currently, Devon is running two businesses that generate significant revenue. This truly is an accomplishment in itself. When he started his company, Lolly, finding a way to function efficiently while making money was challenging. The business needed the right human resources to run, which required more money.

After gaining the right amount of experience, Devon realized he only needed a few productive and active employees to keep things moving. He also worked on making work procedures more seamless, eventually leading to a significant revenue hike.

Devon graduated from the University of Houston in 2020. He majored in Business Management and paid attention to his studies as much as he focused on the businesses he was running. Not many can juggle two critical responsibilities, but Devon made it happen.

When Devon was working to kickstart his first startup, he had to quit his job and own his skills. This was tough, going out of his comfort zone; however, his sacrifices are well rewarded today, as his business currently generates about $1.5M in revenue.

He admonishes others to stay relentless and have faith in their abilities. He further reiterates that there are no unachievable goals. But one does need to work extremely hard to make it happen. He emphasizes the place of asking for help when you need it. He says, "once you lose the fear of asking, learning becomes a lot easier, and many opportunities are open to you."

Despite Devon's achievements, he is relentless and open to pursuing more ventures. He aspires to conquer the digital space and work on becoming a social media influencer. In addition, Devon is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience thus far, and he is considering looking into business consultancy in the coming years.

Devon prioritizes flexibility and chasing his goals unhindered. He is truly an inspiration for many up-and-coming entrepreneurs. His journey has proved that starting from scratch can get you towards your desired aims, but you must be willing to work hard.

He believes that challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone is crucial to making something worthwhile in life. His story does not only tell of this tale but shows proof.