How You Can Use Linkedin To Become An Industry-Leading Authority With Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Social Media is here to stay. During the height of the pandemic, many coaches and consultants found themselves caught out when face-to-face networking events were wiped out and they weren't sure where their next client would come from. Whilst others, who had an online presence were able to continue business as usual. Despite seeing others using it successfully, what tends to hold most people back is simply a lack of fear and understanding of how to use social media for business (yes, there's a difference!) Whether it be a fear of being judged by others, a fear of not being 'experty' enough or a fear of trying a new way of doing things. The difference between those who 'make it in business and those who don't is the willingness to learn and move through fear. This is particularly important for getting a real return on investment for your social media efforts.

One highly misunderstood platform that has changed a lot in the last few years is LinkedIn with many people still relating to the platform as something for job seekers only when that couldn't be further than the truth.

LinkedIn is the most popular platform in the US and has proven to be an effective platform for lead generation and customer acquisition. In fact, it's 277% more effective than Facebook in generating leads. LinkedIn is where business professionals go to network with potential clients in their niche, while also positioning themselves as powerful, valuable authority figures. And if you have other professionals eyeing you up as a reputable source, then the rest will inevitably follow.

This is what Business Coach Amy Smith has spent the last few years teaching to over 1,500 professionals and business owners, including CEOs running $100+million dollar companies and top Executives, Leadership and Career Coaches/Consultants across the globe.

Amy is a Business Coach, Consultant, Speaker and LinkedIn Marketing Specialist that has leveraged her personal experience launching and growing coaching and consulting businesses to multiple 6 figures and 7 figures using her vast knowledge of the LinkedIn ecosystem and business psychology strategies to enable her clients to create an online presence that attracts premium clients with ease—creating sustainable business growth by working 3-4 days per week without pushy old school sales tactics.

For Amy and her clients, it's all about creating a business that brings financial freedom, flexibility and fulfilment and LinkedIn is just a great tool that enables that. "Many of the clients I work with have achieved a high level of success in their corporate careers and so when they do decide to use their expertise to go out on their own, it can feel quite overwhelming at times to not have a big corporate brand name behind them when expanding their existing network".

Amy's global approach to business has taken her across the world from Australia to the UK and Canada, speaking at high-performing business and corporate events, working with and providing training for brands such as The CEO Institute, YMCA NSW, The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, General Assembly and more. She practices what she preaches, having grown her own LinkedIn profile organically to over 27,200 1st degree connections and her work has been featured in publications including the CEO Global Magazine, Nine Radio, The Australian Business Journal and more.

"It's not about trying to be 'social media famous' or faking it until you make it, it's simply about adapting to change, embracing the online space and leveraging LinkedIn to access the untapped opportunities that are available to you in an authentic way" explains Amy. "There are countless Executive, Leadership and Career Coaches/consultants I speak to who secretly struggle behind the scenes unnecessarily in their businesses waiting for someone in their network to refer a client, which can be painfully slow and frustrating. That's why I created my In Demand Coach Program to transfer my proven LinkedIn and Business strategies to others, giving them the edge they need to take charge of their business growth and start attracting premium clients the fast way"

Amy along with her Aligned Tribe team runs the 'In Demand Coach' program which supports Executive, Leadership and Career Coaches/Consultants to go from their first client to over $30k+ months with ease working 3-4 days per week. In fact, one of her coaching clients started from scratch and generated $500k in revenue within 10 months!

All of Amy's Aligned Tribe Coaching programs are accessible by application only and spaces are limited. Connect with Amy and the Aligned Tribe team through her website and follow her on her social media channels LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to learn how to confidently attract your dream clients and become an Industry Leading Authority.