How Will Solanium Platform Ease Decentralized Exchange For You?


Solanium platform is a one-stop decentralized platform running on the Solana blockchain. Made with visual appeal in mind, it promises to deliver a comprehensive fundraising, token management, and governance voting experience, all in one place.

First-time users face the challenge of navigating through the complex user interface of decentralized platforms. Solanium platform was created as a solution to this problem. The creators noticed the dearth of well-structured and user-friendly interfaces in the Solana ecosystem. They designed Solanium to deliver the best User Experience through an easily navigable interface.

Solanium will become your one-stop destination for every activity in the Solana blockchain. The platform features an integrated wallet, along with Decentralized Exchange and Transaction management. If you already have a wallet, you can instantly connect it to the platform through Solanium's inline wallet management. From checking your token balance to sending or receiving tokens, you can do it all in one place, without leaving Solanium.

However, people who've grown comfortable with their current wallet providers can manage their wallets through them. Through Solanium's inline wallet management system, the changes made in your wallet will be instantly displayed on the platform.

In the first phase, the creators of the platform will be launching a clean and personalized Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Serum DEX. No permission will be required for trading on this DEX.

Solanium is different from other front-ends available for Serum trading because it features a custom GUI for Serum, made from scratch. You can use this responsive interface for managing transactions, and keeping a tab on the fresh data fetched from Serum API and its partners.