How well do you know Suzy Bae? Check out these 10 engrossing facts about her

Some fun facts to know about the "Dream High" star Suzy Bae who is also in a relationship with the "Boys over flower" star Lee Minho.

Suzy Bae
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Suzy Bae, who started her career as a member of girl band miss A, has tasted success as an actor as well as an anchor. She is the envy of every girl for dating the "Boys over Flower" star and Korea's sweetheart Lee Minho. She is also known as "Nation's first love" for her gullible role in "Archtecture 101".

Take a look at some interesting fun facts about the 22-year-old actress:

Her job was as a model for a shopping mall

Suzy Bae started off her career as a model for a shopping mall when she was only 15. She was interested in the Entertainment World from the beginning and had dreamt of becoming a singer since her school days.

She is the youngest member of the K-pop girl band Miss A

Despite her being the youngest among her co artists, Suzy debuted as the lead vocalist of the popular girl band Miss A. The band members took only one year to get trained before making their debut in July 2010 with the single "Bad Girl, Good Girl".

She won three awards primarily for her role in Dream High Series

She made her acting debut in "Dream High", 2011 and bagged three awards for her drama series "Dream High": 5th Mnet 20's Choice Awards in the category of Hot New Star and 25th KBS Drama Awards in the category of Best New Actress and Best Couple with Kim Soo-hyun.

She is popularly known as "Nation's first love" in Korean Entertainment world

After her debut in films in the movie Architecture 101, where she played the younger version of the protagonist, earned her the name "Nation's first love" for her innocent character in the film.

Her consistent break- up rumours with boyfriend Lee Minho

Break up rumours of Suzy and Minho are always doing rounds in the entertainment news, the latest reason being her closeness with her co-star Kim Woo-bin in "Uncontrollably fond".

Suzy has weight losing Issues

Suzy is a person who gains weight easily and that makes her extra careful with her diet and work out plans. She also tries to control her cravings for junks, which she finds extremely difficult.

"City Hunter" is one of Suzy's favourite movies

The movie "City Hunter" stars Lee Minho, Suzy's boyfriend as the protagonist and possibly for that reason, Suzy enjoys the movie immensely.

"Soo Cafe" is the name of Suzy's cafe

The name of the cafe was derived from her name and was decorated by her mother with a theme related with anything to do with Miss A, her popular girl band.

Her obsession for psychology books

She loves to read books and her favourite section is the psychology section. She often finds herself going straight to that particular section whenever she visits book stores.

She was popular among the male students in school

Before she made her debut in Miss A, she was already a "hot catch" for the boys in her school. Her sweet personality and good looks pretty much did the job.

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