How Veerakeswaran is Changing the Marketing Game in a better way.


Founder and CEO Veerakeswaran Ganapathi talks about how his digital marketing firm produces more than just online content.

How are stars born? How do multimillion-dollar companies start? How do you turn a profitable business into an overnight success story? We'll hint that you don't do it with magic or millions of dollars. You do it with the help of the right people.

Aggrandize Digital provided marketing solutions for start-ups and established firms alike. They produce excellent quality online content that demonstrates their clients as experts in their fields. Adding authority to websites is only one technique this innovative marketing firm employs to highlight their clients' successes and USPs. Founder Veerakeswaran says this is just one tool they use to harness client potential.

Unlocking Brand Potential Through Key Elements of Marketing

If you want your firm to be as exclusively successful as an Aggrandize Digital client, you need to take their founder's advice. Only by employing a multi-faceted online marketing stratagem can we expect excellent ROI on our advertising costs. So what does a multi-faceted marketing approach look like? It operates across multiple mediums and incorporates as many platforms as possible in the online marketplace.

Think of your online presence as a fishing net. You cast the net out into the ocean, hoping to release it wide as possible. The wider you manage to launch it, the more you will catch up with it. If your net is small and restricted to only a few yards, you won't catch much. If your net is imperfect, your fish will slip through the holes. If you cast it too far away, you risk not being able to pull those fish back to shore. And if you confuse the fish? You need to start again.

We want our 'net' to be as sturdy and robust as possible; this means placing optimization on your website and in your blogs. It means well-researched articles with references that back them up. It means nobody should slip through the cracks of your website. Each page should work hard to turn traffic into leads. Each page should have a call to action that leads somewhere. It should drive sales for you.

Putting Together a Successful Marketing Plan

Thus, you have it that you can use all the aspects of online marketing to improve your network's range, scope, and quality. We use social media to drive people into our net. We use guest blogging and question/answer sites like Quora to spread our knowledge and tell people about our work. We release online content that promotes our business, which generates a buzz and excitement surrounding our brand. We use competitions and giveaways, discount codes, and more. When we put it all together with our optimized pages and engaging valuable content, we are left with a solid net to cast.

The stronger your website, SEO, digital marketing, social media, and content marketing are, the more clients you will catch with your net. Aggrandize is a company that builds traps for fun.