How Usman Chishti Is Changing the Digital Marketing Space With IMBH Marketing

Usman Chishti

The field of marketing has evolved over the past years, and it is currently in a revolutionary place. Online ads, search engine optimization, and online tools have become essential for successful online or social media marketing. While many people are now learning these techniques, they can still be challenging to master. Usman Chishti & Muhammad Ismail, founders of IMBH Marketing, are working to help people understand SEO and marketing. Usman also focuses on teaching their clients how to utilize the latest digital technologies used in mobile phones, computers, and tablets to maximize profits.

Along with his friend, Muhammad Ismail, Usman started working in the marketing space with a specific interest in SEO. Usman believes that marketing is much more effective when it's optimized for search engines. Using different techniques such as embedding keywords, specific language to attract more traffic, and optimizing entire marketing strategies, Usman can skyrocket his clients' internet ranking.

Usman believes that it's essential for business owners to understand these marketing techniques because more are buying online instead of visiting physical stores.

Usman has ranked more than 1000 businesses on the first page of Google, demonstrating the power of digital marketing. Due to their effective marketing strategies, Usma and Muhammad are in the spotlight with a global clientele thanks to increasingly positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Usman says, "After graduating, it was really hard for me to jump into entrepreneurship and SEO since none of my friends, colleagues, and family members were into it before." Despite these negative influences, Usman pressed on to achieve success.

Branding, marketing, designing social media strategies, and other services are all areas where Usman not only excelled, but he views them as teaching points for companies seeking to improve profits. When looking at the future, Usman hopes to connect even more companies to their target audiences and help them grow with IMBH Marketing.

Apart from his marketing work, Usman also uses different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to increase his popularity in the marketing space. Additionally, he has experience in Google Ads, is a publisher at Google AdSense and Meta, and is a top-rated seller on Fiverr.

Using his growing Twitter platform for IMBH Marketing, Usman talks about marketing topics and his interest in cricket. He also discusses any topic he deeply cares about to help him connect with his audience on a deeper level. Usman isn't a fan of spreading yourself too thin either and says, "Never pick too many skills to learn at a go; pick one and master it." This philosophy is visible in his own work, focusing only on SEO and digital marketing.

On his Instagram platform, Usman posts about his personal life. When talking about his success, he mentions that none of it would have been possible if he did not take the risk and that everyone should be consistent and determined. Usman's skills and expertise have resulted in a successful career that enables him to adapt to and understand the changing market. All these factors make him an ideal choice when looking for a digital marketing and SEO expert.