How To Unlock Your Potential With Paul Redding

Paul Redding

Having tried different jobs, having tried hard, and even harder, Paul Redding once came to realize that there is a limit to how much you can invest in a series of repetitive actions that fall short of delivering results. What follows is burnout, disappointment, and messed-up personal and professional life. All of this is usually aggravated if one has had a challenging and turbulent childhood and ensuing and enduring feelings of disappointment and stress. However, no matter how desperate or trapped one might feel, there's always away, there's always a solution. What one needs to do though is to take an in-depth look at one's mindset and things that guide day-to-day actions and decisions to serve a purpose. Influenced by the experiences of Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rohn, Paul was determined to turn the tables.

As Paul explains, "I quickly realized that in order to live life on my own terms, I would have to leave the life I knew, face the unknown, bet on myself and transform my habits, thoughts, and beliefs. Although terrified, I left my not so lucrative career behind, got out of my comfort zone, and committed to doing ANYTHING necessary to reach my goals." Paul realized that he needed a paradigmatic shift in the way he approached life and his career.

He came to understand that he needed to try out something completely new to unlock his potential, determine his life goal, and serve that goal with passion and dedication. He went on to invest heavily in his own professional development. As a father of a 14-month boy, he made great investments in real estate to give himself a further opportunity of investing in multiple sources of income. As he learned more about himself and his potential, "life has never been the same since I learned and understood the laws and principles that govern my mind. And when it comes to manifestation, people either understand how to manifest things into their life or they don't know how, so they think it doesn't work."

Paul built a sound understanding of energy, his paradigm, and the connection to his spiritual form to seize the opportunities life had to offer. He also came to grips with how emotions affect the quality of our lives. "The longer you stay there the sooner it manifests into something physical... good or bad," Paul shares. As he started approaching his life and career with this reinvigorating attitude, things started to fall into place. Today, Paul is a successful entrepreneur and spiritual life coach. As a professional, Paul Redding is offering a range of services as a Life Purpose Coach.

Paul is the epitome of personal and professional success in the face of year-long hardships, tough childhood memories and experiences, and failures. He knows how to draw lessons from these, and he has proven adept at making these work for others as well.