How to unlock SIM on Galaxy S8 and S8+

Here's how to unlock the SIM on your Galaxy S8 and S8+ in a legal way for use with different carrier networks.

galaxy s8
How to SIM unlock Galaxy S8 and S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 users can now unlock their SIM to choose the carrier of their choice, especially if they are globe-trotting travellers who often require changing their SIM in order to avail the cellular service.

Here's a simple procedure to accomplish the feat using the IMEI number of the device in question:

Step 1: Extract the IMEI number from the device by dialling the following code on your device: *#06#. You can now make a copy of the IMEI number that will be displayed on your phone's screen.

Step 2: Having written down the IMEI number, you now need to call up your carrier using the customer service number provided in your monthly statement.

Step 3: You can now get the carrier unlock code from the service representative by providing him/her your IMEI number. The representative will now generate a unique code linked to your hardware and send it across to your registered email ID or home address within five working days.

Step 4: Once you have received the carrier unlock code, you will need to remove the current carrier's SIM card and insert the new one from another network.

Step 5: At this moment, your new SIM card will be detected by your device and prompt you to enter the new unlock code. Just enter the code provided by your new carrier and you are all set.

That's it. You can rinse and repeat this process whenever you want to use SIM cards from different carrier networks across the globe.

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