How to understand someone is lying? Check out these vital signs

Identify who is lying who is not
Identify who is lying who is not (Representational picture) Pixabay

People used to tell life for various reasons. Sometimes, a person may say something which is not true for avoiding a situation, while in some other cases, the person may be lying to protect another person.

There are five crucial signs which will help to know whether a person is telling a lie or not.

Repeating the same question

This is one of the classic traits liers used to follow unintentionally. Normally, liers used to repeat the question when somebody asks anything. This is because they are trying to convince the interrogator that they are telling the truth. It should be also noted that these people used to repeat lines like 'I didn't', 'I haven't' etc and this clearly indicates that the person is hiding something.

A sore throat or throat clearing?

If a person is clearing the throat continuously, then it indicates that he is in the clutches of stress and anxiety. Many CIA officers have revealed that a person who clears his throat many times during the interrogation may be potentially lying to the questions asked.

Rapid blinking

A normal man usually blinks about five or six times a minute or once in every twelve to fourteen minutes. However, a man who is lying may blink more than common and experts believe that this increased blink rate has something to do with the increased dopamine production in the body. Mark Bouton, an FBI agent for 30 years and author of "How to Spot Lies Like the FBI" reveals that a person who is stressed used to blink rapidly for five to six times and analyzing this facial behaviour usually helps investigators to know whether he is lying or not.

"A person will ordinarily blink about five or six times a minute, or once every ten or twelve seconds. When stressed, for instance, when someone knows he's lying, he may blink five or six times in rapid succession," said Bouton, Business Insider reports.

Looking the right side

A normal person who is telling the truth usually looks up and left to memorize things happened. But on the other hand, a potential lier will initially look upward and later to the right which indicates that he is trying to invent a new answer.

"When you ask a normal, right-handed person about something he's supposed to have seen if he looks upward and to his left, he's truly accessing his memory of the incident. However, if he looks upward and to his right, he's accessing his imagination, and he's inventing an answer," argued Bouton.


Sweating is purely a physical condition, but it has some psychological aspects too. According to experts, people who sweat more during questioning may be lying. However, checking the room temperature before making this conclusion is one of the best ideas for using this tip to pick a lier.