How two entrepreneurs are using Zoom and Instagram to turn their local business into a global brand

Kevin Kamali and Ali Meshksar

The rising popularity of Zoom and Instagram has had a huge impact on businesses during the pandemic. And for one interior design company, the rewards of embracing social media and video apps have helped their bottom line.

EA Home Design, a remodeling company based out of Virginia has managed to set trends by re-thinking its approach to marketing in order to reach new clients.

Founders Kevin Kamali and Ali Meshksar saw the opportunity to take what they had learned from 20 years of working in the industry and leverage their knowledge to appeal to new potential clients online through Zoom and Instagram.

Having started out their journey to build a social media presence, the two founders worked to develop content that could propel their brand's values - creating engagement through high-quality gallery experiences and short videos. But everything changed when the lockdown was imposed, forcing them to re-think their business and how they could speak with their customers.

The two founders came up with an idea to incorporate Zoom into their business so that they could not only speak to clients but also create a unique experience for them - showing their designs from their showroom through to planning a new design project. And with the help of short videos and insights into their work, they were able to bring the two together and provide an even more unique offering to people that had yet to discover their business.

Growing a following online was one of their key priorities, and with businesses across the U.S. in lockdown during the height of the pandemic, the founders needed to continue serving their clients as best they could, albeit with social distancing measures.

Through consistent posting and an editorial strategy, EA Home Design was able to establish a highly engaging content experience for people interested in interior design and all things related to home decor. It was here that the business was able to find its audience, growing quickly from just a few hundred people all the way to a sizable, global audience of over 100,000 followers.

Thanks to their decision to embrace the new technologies available to them, and understanding how people were engaging with businesses, EA Home Design managed to set itself apart and bring about a new kind of experience that didn't exist prior to lockdown.

With so many businesses still being affected by social distancing measures, providing an enhanced online experience has proven to be a highly rewarding endeavor for both founders - enabling them to connect to their clients, and in turn, securing the future of their business.

As the lockdown eases, businesses are slowly returning to normal, but it may be that video apps and social media prove to be even more valuable in the post-pandemic world.